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  3. Faithwolf

    LegendRS Official Rules

    These are the official LegendRS Rules you will be punished according to everything stated here bans and mutes are doubled if you break the same offense again. 1. Light swearing is allowed as long as its not offensive or racist. = 1 day mute 2. Bug exploit = Permanent ip ban 3. Advertising = Clearchat + 14 day mute (if playtime less then 2 hours, permanent ban) 4. No intention to play or No Int meaning you come on to advertise, Spam or say offensive things. = Permanent ban 5. Spam = 2 hour mute 6. Chargeback = Permanent Ip ban 7. Staff Disrespect = 1 hour mute 8. Player Disrespect = 1 hour mute 9. Religious or offensive username = 1d ban + name change. 10. Scamming = 7 day ban + item return 11. False Reports = 1 day ban 12 Staff impersonation = 7 day mute + name change. Please follow these rules to keep the server fun for everyone! Have fun playing!
  4. I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy New years! Welcome to a new year for LegendRS! This Behind the scenes brings you latest information on upcoming updates to the server. So, what's in store for this month? Glad you asked! We are bringing new additions and features to the game and website first of all Perk Packages are coming in the near future and we have yet to work out the details but you will see in the coming weeks! New features are coming bringing you a brand new online store and voting system along with a player account portal where you can login, view your rank, in-game points and much more! This will be a feature linked to our voting and donation system where you will use your server account to login! RAIDS! YES YOU HEARD IT, RAIDS! Are you in for a battle against enemy NPCs in a full featured raid? Well in the future we will be adding a raid system to attract players and give our old ones the best time imaginable. More information on the coming weeks! Addressing the economy. After talks with the players we have decided that the bring in the new year there will be an economy reset, items and cash will be wiped from the game except stats and ranks so don't expect to start all over from square one. You will be given compensation and new starting equipment. The economy was destroyed in the worst way and with heavy hearts it came down the wiping out the economy. The general store is being patched to no longer give an enormous amount of coins for rare items. We are hoping you all understand and hope it will bring the market back to it's former glory. Thats all for now, spread the word. Let's make LegendRS great and have an amazing 2019!
  5. Garrett

    New Staff Addition

    We would like to welcome @Azora to the staff team. Azora will be our second server moderator teaming up with @cat. Welcome!
  6. Junko

    Updates 1.24

    1.24 - Donator zone done - Re-did all donator shops - Fixed bug in dung where you couldn't eat/use food - Onyx ring (i) had row effect - Added stats to some armours that where missing them - Shops can now have multiple prices for the same item without price conflicts - Fixed alching - Fixed Not getting yeild from farming - Fixed dung custom minigame - Donator zones have been done - Donator shops are done apart from supreme atm - fixed bug with zombie minigame where you could climb down the ladder and it would auto skip waves - Cannon is no longer placeable at lucien and christmas zone - Ranged and Melee supreme bosses are now added - Fixed melee Sz portal - Fixed pestinvastion points from nulling the server - Few custom item bonuneses have been reworked (thanks kenpatchi)
  7. The staff of LegendRs wish you all a Happy Holidays. We hope you all have fun today and Into the new year!
  8. It would be fun to have them ingame, but maybe it could be nice to add some of them obtainable ingame by using pvm tokens and maybe also with donator tokens in the donator zone store?
  9. NovaRhax

    Squeal of fortune items

    Things that COULD be included into the tiers: Common: Small EXP Lamps for all skills, Noted Ores/Logs (25 for anything including and below Willow/Coal), Random throw-away items like Buckets, Pots, Feathers, Bronze equipment. Uncommon: Medium EXP Lamps for all skills, Noted Resources (25-50 a piece for anything including and below Yew/Adamant), Medium Tiered armor like Adamant/Rune pieces, Random Runes and amounts, maybe even the cosmetic helms/tattoos. Rare: Large EXP Lamps for all skills, Noted Resources (50-100 a piece for anything including and below Magic/Runite), high-end armor pieces such as GWD Boss/Dragon, Weapons such as Whip, Godswords, maybe even venture to see if the Lucky variants of these pieces, or Barrows pieces, are available. Super Rare: Huge EXP Lamps for all skills, Custom Items, INCREDIBLY hard to obtain items (maybe Nex or other boss drops), Cosmetic Items that are impossible to obtain otherwise, see if the Skilling Outfits (Blacksmith, Angler's, etc) bonus exp outfits are available in-game and add it to this category. All items are simply suggestions. Rates at which to obtain the items are at the whim of developers (Justin) and even if they're added would be up to him. But, I would like to see the re-vamp done and would like to see the ability to get things other than common/uncommon items, but wouldn't want it to be overly powered, either.
  10. King

    Squeal of fortune items

    i guess some gear ? or good weapons ? Better exp lamps some exclusive items ( that you can only get trough SoF ) some cosmetics ? and you should increase the chanse of winning something good :)
  11. Junko

    donator suggestions

    Supreme shop is a work in progress Im still deciding on what items to put in there without making it too unfair for other people so please bare with me on that. Notice board options will be fixed in the next update, I am currently working my way through a long list of other bugs and issues but will be done. The two portals at sz that don't work will be added once I have finished the custom boss scripts which they will teleport you too. I am also working on a skilling dummies system atm so when you attack a dummy it will give you xp in that certain skill which will be placed at SZ
  12. Please post all item suggestions here on what you would like to see in the SOF thanks
  13. Hi everyone, most of you heard it first in Discord and now I'm bringing up here. Should we have Perk Packages Buyable from the Online Store? What are the pros and cons, your concerns with this? Have suggestions on perks you would like to see if it is considered? Voice your opinion in the comments and let us know!
  14. Faithwolf

    donator suggestions

    thank you for your feedback/suggestions we are working on the ranks fixing a lot of stuff at the moment. we are aware of all problems you have noted.
  15. kenpachi

    donator suggestions

    Also, the Death slayer master is giving me the same jad task 4 times in a row. He should be checked i quess
  16. Hello, I've just donated and there are some things that could be changed. - The list with donator benefits is not correct and should be made correct. - The zones are looking a lot like each other and i think they all should be build up like normal donor zone got some benefits and than the highter the rank, the better the benefits and better the shop - The donator token shop is not really wide as in products to purchase and should get a revamp. - Stores like flask potions etc. should be added. - A lot of options at the notice board are not working. - The yellow and green teleports are not doing anything in the ::sz - The ::sz shop only got 1 item and is not really worth it in my opinion. It should be bigger with more items ( not even super super expensive items, but usefull items as in maybe a special store for pvm points of a way to buy like ingame perks and having a nice benefit) - ( i dont know if it already is in game, but every zone should have higher xp rates when doing skilling and the higher the zone the more skills you can do. ( maybe in sz make it possible to train all skills and maybe a exclusive donator area? )
  17. Garrett

    Updates 1.23

    Good work!
  18. Junko

    Updates 1.23

    - Fixed Double game points rewards - Dec, Icy and Infernal bows now have old speed back - Few adjustments to some item bonuses - Abyssal Dagger now have special attacks again - Fixed issue where server wouldn't spawn certain npcs - Revamped Supreme donator zone and extreme - Removed death controller - Wolf's helm is now equipable for females - fixed some custom prices in pvm, trivia and assassin store - Removed some high tier skilling items from shops - Supreme boss for magic added - Using a frozen key on bob at lumby will now recharge it - ;;curses, ;;modern, ;;ancient, ;;lunar commands are now useable for everyone - ;;setbank 1/2/3 now works for bank drops 1 = bank 1, 2 = bank 2 and 3 = clan bank - Dragon slayer armor for melee mage and range added - More amulets added (ammy of souls, arcane farsight, blood fury, arcane blood and arcane brawlers) - Fixed accounts nulling on death
  19. Garrett

    Christmas Event

    Woo! Let's do thiss
  20. You can post all your suggestions here! your feedback is greatly appreciated. we are always working on the server fixing bugs and adding new things.
  21. Faithwolf

    Christmas Event

    The X-Mas event is released! Talk to santa @home to start the quests. skilling and cobat give event points which can be used in the x-mas shop! 50% discount is currently active on all ranks, tokens and spins in the webstore! Have fun playing!
  22. Faithwolf

    Youtube, Twitch

    Hello, this topic will tell you what you get for creating and publishing a video on youtube or streaming and uploading on twitch. 1. For every video created about LegendRS you will get 3 Mystery boxes. 2. For every 100 views on that video you will get 1 additional Mystery box. 3. For Twitch streams you will get 1 Mystery box/Half hour. 4. For using your voice you will get 1 more Mystery box. Video Requirements: 1. At least 2.30 Minutes long. 2. At least 720P 30FPS. 3. A link to the website. 4. Talking, doesn't have to be voice chat. can also be using in-game chat or added during editing. You can post links to your video's in this forum section. all video's will be checked and if it meets the requirements you will get your rewards!
  23. Garrett

    So, anybody home?! Admin?

    Moved to appropriate section. We're working on getting this alive
  24. Junko

    Updates 1.22

    - Added bronze pick and hatchet to iron man shop - Added sawmill operator - Added butlers/slaves to construction - you can now make soft clay by using a bucket of water on clay - Added tree sapling making - Fixed issue with water filling (wouldn't give filled item) - fixed nulled npcs from spawning - Added more npc spawns - Fixed aggro bug - Fixed bug with npc max hit and get special methods which would cause server nulls - Fixed ROS shields and other customs from being changed to random items upon death - Fixed pet pickup not giving you the pouch back - Slayer monsters now drop more skilling items (gems, herbs, ores, seeds) - Fixed double drop rates x2 event
  25. XEvilBestDug

    So, anybody home?! Admin?

    Hey! Is this websitealive..? Or fkin NO?! Thnks
  26. Garrett

    Request your ranks here!

    Follow this format for Requesting your Forums rank. Reply to this post with the following. Rank requested: Complete client Screenshot of your character ign saying "Requesting (your rank)":
  27. Garrett

    Welcome to LegendRS

    Welcome everyone to the new and revamped LegendRs website. On behalf of @Faithwolf, @Junko, @Autocast we all are glad you chose to join us as we grow into a RuneScape Private Server that fits your needs and has unique content that will have you coming back day in and day out. Junko is working hard to bring you server updates and bug fixes to ensure your gameplay is an enjoyable experience as well as Autocast who has helped us in making our website look the best it can we also can not forget Faithwolf for brining you this experience as if it wasn't for him and Junk, none of this would be possible. We hope you stay with us along our journey to the top.
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