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  1. It would be fun to have them ingame, but maybe it could be nice to add some of them obtainable ingame by using pvm tokens and maybe also with donator tokens in the donator zone store?
  2. kenpachi

    donator suggestions

    Also, the Death slayer master is giving me the same jad task 4 times in a row. He should be checked i quess
  3. Hello, I've just donated and there are some things that could be changed. - The list with donator benefits is not correct and should be made correct. - The zones are looking a lot like each other and i think they all should be build up like normal donor zone got some benefits and than the highter the rank, the better the benefits and better the shop - The donator token shop is not really wide as in products to purchase and should get a revamp. - Stores like flask potions etc. should be added. - A lot of options at the notice board are not working. - The yellow and green teleports are not doing anything in the ::sz - The ::sz shop only got 1 item and is not really worth it in my opinion. It should be bigger with more items ( not even super super expensive items, but usefull items as in maybe a special store for pvm points of a way to buy like ingame perks and having a nice benefit) - ( i dont know if it already is in game, but every zone should have higher xp rates when doing skilling and the higher the zone the more skills you can do. ( maybe in sz make it possible to train all skills and maybe a exclusive donator area? )

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