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  1. Faithwolf

    LegendRS Official Rules

    These are the official LegendRS Rules you will be punished according to everything stated here bans and mutes are doubled if you break the same offense again. 1. Light swearing is allowed as long as its not offensive or racist. = 1 day mute 2. Bug exploit = Permanent ip ban 3. Advertising = Clearchat + 14 day mute (if playtime less then 2 hours, permanent ban) 4. No intention to play or No Int meaning you come on to advertise, Spam or say offensive things. = Permanent ban 5. Spam = 2 hour mute 6. Chargeback = Permanent Ip ban 7. Staff Disrespect = 1 hour mute 8. Player Disrespect = 1 hour mute 9. Religious or offensive username = 1d ban + name change. 10. Scamming = 7 day ban + item return 11. False Reports = 1 day ban 12 Staff impersonation = 7 day mute + name change. Please follow these rules to keep the server fun for everyone! Have fun playing!
  2. Faithwolf

    donator suggestions

    thank you for your feedback/suggestions we are working on the ranks fixing a lot of stuff at the moment. we are aware of all problems you have noted.
  3. You can post all your suggestions here! your feedback is greatly appreciated. we are always working on the server fixing bugs and adding new things.
  4. Faithwolf

    Christmas Event

    The X-Mas event is released! Talk to santa @home to start the quests. skilling and cobat give event points which can be used in the x-mas shop! 50% discount is currently active on all ranks, tokens and spins in the webstore! Have fun playing!
  5. Faithwolf

    Youtube, Twitch

    Hello, this topic will tell you what you get for creating and publishing a video on youtube or streaming and uploading on twitch. 1. For every video created about LegendRS you will get 3 Mystery boxes. 2. For every 100 views on that video you will get 1 additional Mystery box. 3. For Twitch streams you will get 1 Mystery box/Half hour. 4. For using your voice you will get 1 more Mystery box. Video Requirements: 1. At least 2.30 Minutes long. 2. At least 720P 30FPS. 3. A link to the website. 4. Talking, doesn't have to be voice chat. can also be using in-game chat or added during editing. You can post links to your video's in this forum section. all video's will be checked and if it meets the requirements you will get your rewards!
  6. Faithwolf

    Official Drop Guide

    This is the Official LegendRS Drop guide!~ The dropguide only shows Boss drops and only Rare drops and Above! Rarity Table 1. Common 2. Uncommon 3. Rare 4. Very Rare 5. Ultra Rare Corporeal Beast Drops Holy Elixer - Rare Onyx Bolts - Rare Rune Arrow - Rare Air Orb - Rare Fire Orb - Rare Runite Ore - Rare Adamant Bar (Noted) - Rare Runite Bar (Noted) - Rare Yew Seed - Rare Magic Seed - Rare Palm Tree Seed - Rare Snapdragon Seed - Rare Torsol Seed - Rare Yew Logs (Noted) - Rare Dragon Dagger - Very Rare Vecna Skull - Very Rare Crystal Key - Very Rare Rune Javalin - Very Rare Shield Left Half - Very Rare Spectral, Arcane, Divine, Elysian Sigil - Rare Custom Items Godsword - Ultra Rare Archers Wrath - Ultra Rare Lightning Staff 4 - Ultra Rare Shield - Ultra Rare Korasi Sword - Ultra Rare Godwars Dungeon: General Graardor (Bandos) Drops Law Rune - Rare Death Rune - Very Rare Fire Rune - Very Rare Rune Battleaxe - Rare Rune Sword - Rare Adamant Javalin - Very Rare Rune Javalin - Very Rare Steel Arrow - Very Rare Rune Arrow - Very Rare Bandos Chestplate - Rare Bandos Tassets - Rare Bandos Boots - Rare Bandos Hilt - Rare Ranarr Seed - Very Rare Custom Items Bandos Spear - Ultra Rare Bandos Longbow - Ultra Rare Bandos Cape - Ultra Rare Bandos Helmet - Rare Bandos Warshield - Rare Bandos Gloves - Rare Bandos Scimitar - Ultra Rare K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak) Drops Zamorak Spear - Rare Steam Battlestaff - Rare Rune Longsword - Rare Rune 2h - Very Rare Rune Battleaxe - Very Rare Rune Sword - Very Rare Rune Arrow - Rare Wine of Zamorak (Noted) - Rare Godsword Shard 1, 2 ,3 - Rare Zamorak Hilt - Rare Custom Items Hood of Subjugation - Rare Garb of Subjugation - Rare Ward of Subjugation - Rare Boots of Subjugation - Rare Gloves of Subjugation - Rare Infernal Bow - Rare Commander Zilyana (Saradomin) Drops Rune 2h Sword - Rare Rune Battleaxe - Rare Rune Sword - Rare Nature Rune - Rare Steel Arrow - Rare Adamant Javalin - Rare Death Rune - Rare Magic Seed - Rare Saradomin Hilt - Very Rare Godsword Shards 1, 2, 3 - Rare Custom Items Saradomin's Murmur - Rare Saradomin's Hiss - Rare Saradomin's Whisper - Rare Armadyl Crossbow - Rare Kree'Arra (Armadyl) Drops Rune 2h Sword - Rare Steel Arrow - Rare Death Rune - Rare Nature Rune - Rare Law Rune - Rare Armadyl Helmet - Rare Armadyl Chestplate - Rare Armadyl - Chainskirt - Rare Godsword Shards 1, 2, 3 - Rare Armadyl Hilt - Rare Crystal Key - Rare Custom Items Armadyl Boots - Rare Armadyl Buckler - Rare Armadyl Gloves - Rare Wildy Wyrm Drops Rune Platebody - Rare Rune Platelegs - Rare Mystic Robe Top - Rare Mystic Robe Bottom - Rare Dragon Bolts (e) - Rare Custom Items Random Longsword - Rare Soulrender Scythe - Rare Ragnarok - Rare Ancient Godsword - Rare Tentacles - Rare Blink Drops Custom Items Valkyrie's Discretion - Ultra rare Salvation Spirit shield - Ultra rare Keyblade - Very Rare Daggers of Fate - Very Rare Sword of Fear - Very Rare Divine Godsword - Very Rare Elite Torva - Ultra Rare Drygore Defender - Very Rare Off-hand Drygore Mace - Very Rare Sunfreet Drops Archers Wrath - Very Rare Corrupted Sprit Shield - Very Rare Supreme Exscalibur - Ultra Rare Aegis Longsword - Ultra Rare Clarent - Ultra Rare Energy Sword - Ultra Rare Demon - Howl Shuriken - Ultra Rare Flaming Whip - Ultra Rare Razor Whip - Ultra Rare Elite Pernix - Ultra Rare Yk'Lagor the Thunderous Custom Items Cataclysm - Rare Legacy spear - Rare Soulstealer - Rare Veren Kutsu - Rare Deathbringer - Rare Madara Custom Items Tridant - Ultra rare Razer Whip - Ultra rare Flaming Whip - Ultra rare Frostmourne - Ultra rare Deathbringer - Ultra rare Korasi Custom Items Tzhaar Rapier - Ultra rare Brutality Whip - Ultra rare Black sword - Ultra rare Corrupt embrace - Ultra rare Dragongrave Scythe - Ultra rare Trio Boss Mage: Drops Demon Horn Boots - Ultra rare Sword of Edicts - VeryRare Virtus mask (fire) - Ultra Rare Virtus robe top (fire) - Ultra Rare Virtus robe bottom (fire) - Ultra Rare Melee: Torva full helmet (fire) - Ultra rare Torva platelegs (fire) - Ultra rare Torva platebody (fire) - Ultra rare Fluoresence - Very Rare Ranger: Ecto Calibur - UltraRare GreatAxe - Very Rare Guthix Godsword - Very Rare Pernix Cowl (fire) - Ultra Rare Pernix body (fire) - Ultra Rare Pernix Chaps (fire) - Ultra Rare King Black Dragon Drops Draconic visage - Very rare Gilded Dragon pickaxe - Very rare Kalphite Queen Drops Drygore rapier - Rare Off-hand drygore longsword - Rare Drygore rapier - Rare Off-hand drygore rapier - Rare Drygore mace - Rare Off-hand drygore mace - Rare Drygore maul - Rare Custom Items Dagannoth Kings Drops Custom Items Tormented Demons Drops Dragon Claws - Rare Ruined Dragon armour slice - Rare Ruined Dragon armour lump - Rare Ruined Dragon armour shard - Rare Custom Items Staff of air - Rare Fancy Sword - Rare Gravity scythe - Rare Leeuni Drops Dragon Claws - Ultra rare Dragon 2h Sword - Rare Herbs - Uncommon - Rare Ava accumulator / attractor - Rare Custom Items Drygore Defender - Ultra rare Sea Troll Queen Hope Devourer Drops Seeds - Rare Steadfast boots- Very rare Glaiven boots- Very rare Ragefire boots- Very rare Custom Items Drygore Longsword - Rare Dragon 2h Crossbow - Rare Scarlet Spirit Shield - Rare Dragon Crossbow - Rare Lightning Staff 1 - Rare Har' Lakk Custom Items Lightning Staff 2 - Rare Tank's Fury - Rare Soul Edge - Rare Tzhaar whip - Rare Flaming whip - Rare Mercenary Mage Custom Items Elite Virtus - Ultra Rare Demon Horn Boots - Very Rare Red Dragon Shoulder Pet - Very Rare Wizards Tower Staff - Ultra Rare Icyenic Bow - Ultra Rare Infernal Bow - Ultra Rare Lucien Drops Custom Items Nomad Drops Custom Items Abyssal Demons Drops Abyssal whip - Rare Dragon Full helmet - Rare Dragon Helm - Rare Dragon Chainbody - Rare Dragon Platerbody - Rare Dragon Platelegs / skirt - Rare Dragon Kiteshield - Rare Dragon Sq Shield- Rare Dragon Scimitar - Rare Dragon Halberd - Rare Custom Items Abyssal Spirit Shield- Ultra rare Dark Beasts Drops Dark bow - Rare Dragon Full helmet - Rare Dragon Helm - Rare Dragon Chainbody - Rare Dragon Platebody - Rare Dragon Platelegs / skirt - Rare Dragon Kiteshield - Rare Dragon Sq Shield- Rare Dragon Scimitar - Rare Dragon Halberd - Rare Custom Items Ghastly Darkbow - Rare
  7. Faithwolf

    Application Form

    Requirements Currently the only requirement we have is that you have played LegendRS for at least 2 weeks so that you can have a good grasp on the community and game play so that you are able to answer questions efficiently and effectively. In-game name: Age: What is your timezone: How long have you been playing LegendRS: How many hours do you play a day: Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes state for what) Do you have any staff experience from any other server: Do you have discord?: Do you have a working microphone: What languages do you speak: Why do you feel you should be accepted to LegendRS staff team? (50 words minimum)

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