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  1. Junko

    Updates 1.24

    1.24 - Donator zone done - Re-did all donator shops - Fixed bug in dung where you couldn't eat/use food - Onyx ring (i) had row effect - Added stats to some armours that where missing them - Shops can now have multiple prices for the same item without price conflicts - Fixed alching - Fixed Not getting yeild from farming - Fixed dung custom minigame - Donator zones have been done - Donator shops are done apart from supreme atm - fixed bug with zombie minigame where you could climb down the ladder and it would auto skip waves - Cannon is no longer placeable at lucien and christmas zone - Ranged and Melee supreme bosses are now added - Fixed melee Sz portal - Fixed pestinvastion points from nulling the server - Few custom item bonuneses have been reworked (thanks kenpatchi)
  2. Junko

    donator suggestions

    Supreme shop is a work in progress Im still deciding on what items to put in there without making it too unfair for other people so please bare with me on that. Notice board options will be fixed in the next update, I am currently working my way through a long list of other bugs and issues but will be done. The two portals at sz that don't work will be added once I have finished the custom boss scripts which they will teleport you too. I am also working on a skilling dummies system atm so when you attack a dummy it will give you xp in that certain skill which will be placed at SZ
  3. Please post all item suggestions here on what you would like to see in the SOF thanks
  4. Junko

    Updates 1.23

    - Fixed Double game points rewards - Dec, Icy and Infernal bows now have old speed back - Few adjustments to some item bonuses - Abyssal Dagger now have special attacks again - Fixed issue where server wouldn't spawn certain npcs - Revamped Supreme donator zone and extreme - Removed death controller - Wolf's helm is now equipable for females - fixed some custom prices in pvm, trivia and assassin store - Removed some high tier skilling items from shops - Supreme boss for magic added - Using a frozen key on bob at lumby will now recharge it - ;;curses, ;;modern, ;;ancient, ;;lunar commands are now useable for everyone - ;;setbank 1/2/3 now works for bank drops 1 = bank 1, 2 = bank 2 and 3 = clan bank - Dragon slayer armor for melee mage and range added - More amulets added (ammy of souls, arcane farsight, blood fury, arcane blood and arcane brawlers) - Fixed accounts nulling on death
  5. Junko

    Updates 1.22

    - Added bronze pick and hatchet to iron man shop - Added sawmill operator - Added butlers/slaves to construction - you can now make soft clay by using a bucket of water on clay - Added tree sapling making - Fixed issue with water filling (wouldn't give filled item) - fixed nulled npcs from spawning - Added more npc spawns - Fixed aggro bug - Fixed bug with npc max hit and get special methods which would cause server nulls - Fixed ROS shields and other customs from being changed to random items upon death - Fixed pet pickup not giving you the pouch back - Slayer monsters now drop more skilling items (gems, herbs, ores, seeds) - Fixed double drop rates x2 event
  6. Junko

    Updates 1.21

    - Prestige now increases drop rate - Hunter null fixed - NPClookup is now fully working - Wildy gate can now be opened - Adjusted some of Lucien's values - Fixed some grammar mistakes - Demon raids now spawn south east of home - Fixed attack option on custom bosses - Removed null items from rise of the six - improved seed stall - fixed xp rates and drop rates (I'm bad at math) - Increased rate of harvest for some trees - cleaned server files a bit, removed useless broken features - Fixed create all pouches for summoning - Removed non stacking seeds from stalls - Added chaos element combat script - Wind rush is now added and working - Slings now act as range weapons - Revamped the farming system - toolbelt now works with farming - fixed distance check with the three combat bows - Fixed armour sets opening
  7. Junko

    Update 1.16

    - Revamped Shooting stars (need a house and telescope to find locations) - Changed the NPC drop system - fixed up some GPR rewards - Vote rewards are now fully functional and claimable - Fixed some donator plus features and commands - Started on artisianworkshop - Over 300 item bonuses have been modified and changed - Lottery system added - Events noticeboard added to home - Changed how server announcements are handled - Fixed high scores - cremation/bones on fire added - ::npclookup (npc name) and ::itemlookup (item name) to find out what drops what - fixed/added more potions - fixed a running bug where people would jitter - Made some changes to how Evil tree was handled - master capes now have avas effed - custom nex armour sets now give hp boost - Redid event system - added warbands - Party room is fully functional
  8. Junko

    Boss Pets

    The current boss pets that are in game are: King black dragon Mewtwo Madara Kalphite Queen Ahrim Guthan Karil Torag Verac Jad Wildywyrm Corporeal Beast YK'lagor the Thunderous Sunfreet Commander Zilyana Kree'arra K'rill Tsutsaroth General Graardor SnowBird Nex Abyssal Demon Glacors Dark Beasts Frost Dragons In order to unlock the ability to receive these as a rare drop you need to kill the boss a certain amount of times: 750 Kills Frost Dragons, Dark Beasts, Abyssal Demons 500 Kills Glacors, Tormented Demons, SnowBird, General Graardor, K'rill Tsutsaroth, Kree'arra, Commander Zilyana, Sunfreet, Yk'Lagor, Corporeal Beast, WildyWyrm, Kalphite Queen 275 Kills Nex 250 Kills Madara 100 Kills Ahrim, Dharok, Guthan, Karil, Torag, Verac 50 Kills Jad
  9. Junko

    Update 1.20

    - Added iron man icons - Fully added and fixed iron man accounts - Added GPR points to more skills - Fixed Gpr options inventroy drops, bank drops - Fixed a problem with defence emote causing players anim/render emote to null - Added gladiator system (right click player) - Fixed all comp cape requirements (some weren't do able) - Re-evaluated and changed some comp cape requirements and values - Fixed a bug with dominion tower where silverlight for delrith wouldn't spawn - Increased max XP from 200m to 500m - Added more bosses too dominion tower - Added ::ros command so people can now do the rise of the six custom minigame - Fixed vote reward claiming (gave incorrect item) - Fixed claming of donations (::claim) - repacked sprites crowns/icons no longer have white backgrounds - Added right click option: heal me, prayer restore and overload to comp cape/hood (can be done once every 8 mins) - Fixed run dung from kicking you from the lobby and nulling your character upon entry - Changed nex drops so it no longer drops un-noted sara brews, super restores and torstols - Fixed construction bug where you couldn't move - Fixed construction level requirment check (needed -2 to build chairs) - fixed bug with maxhit where it would null the npc if it didn't have combat definitons - Fixed a few dung monsters combat scripts (causing nullpoint exceptions in console) - Changed up prestige system (now gives rewards on prestiging) - Prestige now properly reduces xp slightly and raises drop rates slightly upon each prestige - Revamped brawlers gloves now degrade and work as intended - Added prized pendants - Adjusted barrows, godwars and some skilling items prices - lowered some boss healths from 50k to 15 - 20k area - Adjusted some combat definitions for bosses - Re-adjusted the combat bows bringing them down a notch - re-did comp cape dialouge/claiming - fixed comp cape from being unwearable after you've claimed/completed all tasks - Fixed slayer helm making - changed some values with mining (spawning and rate of gaining ores) - Fixed agility bug at wildy where you would sometimes get stuck @ gate - Core and organization work. - increased reaper tasks to 3 per day for non donators - Exp lamps have now been adjusted to take into account game modes and statuses. - Filled a few empty resource dungeons. - Adjusted the Stykewyrm spawning, they should be respawning now. - Added plank making at the saw mill. - Hopefully fixed some alters from not working for some players (blood +) - Added hide tanning - Added some missing weapon animations. - Adjusted boss pets drop rates - Players no longer take heat damage in desert cities. - Fixed a few smuggles with Dungeoneering. - Certain un-rare drops no longer show up publicly - Rewrote some cores and removed some ridiculous lag. - fixed sof bug where stackable items only gave less than 10

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