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  1. I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy New years! Welcome to a new year for LegendRS! This Behind the scenes brings you latest information on upcoming updates to the server. So, what's in store for this month? Glad you asked! We are bringing new additions and features to the game and website first of all Perk Packages are coming in the near future and we have yet to work out the details but you will see in the coming weeks! New features are coming bringing you a brand new online store and voting system along with a player account portal where you can login, view your rank, in-game points and much more! This will be a feature linked to our voting and donation system where you will use your server account to login! RAIDS! YES YOU HEARD IT, RAIDS! Are you in for a battle against enemy NPCs in a full featured raid? Well in the future we will be adding a raid system to attract players and give our old ones the best time imaginable. More information on the coming weeks! Addressing the economy. After talks with the players we have decided that the bring in the new year there will be an economy reset, items and cash will be wiped from the game except stats and ranks so don't expect to start all over from square one. You will be given compensation and new starting equipment. The economy was destroyed in the worst way and with heavy hearts it came down the wiping out the economy. The general store is being patched to no longer give an enormous amount of coins for rare items. We are hoping you all understand and hope it will bring the market back to it's former glory. Thats all for now, spread the word. Let's make LegendRS great and have an amazing 2019!
  2. Garrett

    New Staff Addition

    We would like to welcome @Azora to the staff team. Azora will be our second server moderator teaming up with @cat. Welcome!
  3. The staff of LegendRs wish you all a Happy Holidays. We hope you all have fun today and Into the new year!
  4. Hi everyone, most of you heard it first in Discord and now I'm bringing up here. Should we have Perk Packages Buyable from the Online Store? What are the pros and cons, your concerns with this? Have suggestions on perks you would like to see if it is considered? Voice your opinion in the comments and let us know!
  5. Garrett

    Updates 1.23

    Good work!
  6. Garrett

    Christmas Event

    Woo! Let's do thiss
  7. Garrett

    So, anybody home?! Admin?

    Moved to appropriate section. We're working on getting this alive
  8. Garrett

    Request your ranks here!

    Follow this format for Requesting your Forums rank. Reply to this post with the following. Rank requested: Complete client Screenshot of your character ign saying "Requesting (your rank)":
  9. Garrett

    Welcome to LegendRS

    Welcome everyone to the new and revamped LegendRs website. On behalf of @Faithwolf, @Junko, @Autocast we all are glad you chose to join us as we grow into a RuneScape Private Server that fits your needs and has unique content that will have you coming back day in and day out. Junko is working hard to bring you server updates and bug fixes to ensure your gameplay is an enjoyable experience as well as Autocast who has helped us in making our website look the best it can we also can not forget Faithwolf for brining you this experience as if it wasn't for him and Junk, none of this would be possible. We hope you stay with us along our journey to the top.
  10. Garrett

    Complete Starting Guide

    So, you're viewing this post which means you've taken the chance to create an account choose your gamemode and be on your way. Well this guide is going to give you a run down of the Home Area and the Custom UI that LegendPS Has. Chapter 1: 1:1 User Interface / Making your way around LegendPS with Teleports. 1:1:1 - Report a Bug & Request Staff assistance. Click on the Task Systems Tab. You'll see something like this: From there you can Request help from an online staff member when you get stuck or need help Also you can report a bug which will take you directly to the bug report section of the forums. 1:1:2 - Teleporting Around LegendPS & Skilling Shops To get to this interface click on the quest tab button. You'll be greeted with this interface: Now let's exlpain what each button does. - Skills Button: Opens an easily accessible interface from which you can choose a skill to teleport to and it also bring up a shopping menu so you can skill from where ever! - Skilling Teleports: Unlike the Skills button this will give you only teleports to your desired skilling locations, this is also how you teleport to the Slayer Masters by click on the Slayer Skill Icon. - Donator Features: This buttons shows you all the information and benefits for becoming a donator. - Boss Teleports: Teleports you to any of the bosses on LegendPS - Minigames: Teleports you to any minigame of your choosing. - Training Teleports: Opens up a two-pages UI from which you can choose any area to begin leveling those combat stats! - Slayer Dungeons: Teleports you to the slayer dungeons. 1:2 Player Commands LegendPS has many commands you can use in the game. Just do ::Commands in the game chat to view them! - Chapter 2 2:1 Home Area Our Current home is Edgeville; This information is subject to change. Bank Npcs: Achievement Manager - Check/Claim your Achievement rewards. - Check current completionists cape status - Get a skilling task - Get your Max Cape when you get all 99's Combat Supplies - Combat Styled Shops filled with items can be found here. Skillcape Shop - Get your Regular/Master skillcapes here. LegendPS Currency - Exchange GP for Game Currency PK/PVM Shop - PK/PVM Combat Supplies Assassin - Get Assassin tasks and level up your assassin companion! Skilling Supplies - Get your skilling supplies here Range Supplies - Get your ranging supplies here Potion & Food Shop - Get food and potions here Magic Supplies - Get your magic gear here Outside the bank: G : Grim Reaper - Get different tasks to complete here. GS: General Store - Buy & Sell anything PM : Prestige Master - Prestige your account and earn great rewards! : EXP Well - 1,000,000,000 GP Gets Double xp! : Notice Board - Read the current server events here. TL: Tool Leprechaun - Farming Shop / Farming Teleport! : Prayer Altar - Recharge your prayer & Get XP : Thieving Stalls - Level up thieving. (Money Making) EA : Estate agent - Buy your house / Construction Supplies. TI : Thieving Item Shop - Sell items gains from stalls here. (Major Money Making) LM : Lottery Manager - Enter & Win the lottery here! : POH Portal - Enter your player owned house here! : Crystal Chest - Use Crystal Keys to get rewards here. HC : Herman Caranos - Spellbook/Prayer Swaps ZM : Zombie Monk - Zombies Minigame All Other NPCS That Aren't Important.

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