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Behind The Scenes Volume 1: January 2019

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I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy New years!


Welcome to a new year for LegendRS!

This Behind the scenes brings you latest information on upcoming updates to the server.


So, what's in store for this month? Glad you asked! We are bringing new additions and features to the game and website first of all Perk Packages are coming in the near future and we have yet to work out the details but you will see in the coming weeks! 


New features are coming bringing you a brand new online store and voting system along with a player account portal where you can login, view your rank, in-game points and much more! This will be a feature linked to our voting and donation system where you will use your server account to login!


RAIDS! YES YOU HEARD IT, RAIDS! Are you in for a battle against enemy NPCs in a full featured raid? Well in the future we will be adding a raid system to attract players and give our old ones the best time imaginable. More information on the coming weeks!


Addressing the economy.

After talks with the players we have decided that the bring in the new year there will be an economy reset, items and cash will be wiped from the game except stats and ranks so don't expect to start all over from square one. You will be given compensation and new starting equipment. The economy was destroyed in the worst way and with heavy hearts it came down the wiping out the economy. The general store is being patched to no longer give an enormous amount of coins for rare items. We are hoping you all understand and hope it will bring the market back to it's former glory.


Thats all for now, spread the word. Let's make LegendRS great and have an amazing 2019!

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