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LegendRS Official Rules

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These are the official LegendRS Rules you will be punished according to everything stated here

bans and mutes are doubled if you break the same offense again.


1. Light swearing is allowed as long as its not offensive or racist. = 1 day mute

2. Bug exploit = Permanent ip ban

3. Advertising = Clearchat + 14 day mute (if playtime less then 2 hours, permanent ban)

4. No intention to play or No Int meaning you come on to advertise, Spam or say offensive things.  = Permanent ban

5. Spam = 2 hour mute

6. Chargeback = Permanent Ip ban

7. Staff Disrespect = 1 hour mute

8. Player Disrespect = 1 hour mute

9. Religious or offensive username = 1d ban + name change.

10. Scamming = 7 day ban + item return

11. False Reports = 1 day ban

12 Staff impersonation = 7 day mute + name change.


Please follow these rules to keep the server fun for everyone!

Have fun playing!


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